Jump’n Jive

FacebookButtonFollowing the tradition of the popular world of the black music of the forties, Jump’n Jive  is opening doors which have been closed for a long time. A new, fresh and especially original interpretation of a music- and lifestyle- that swept, then and now, young and old alike of their feet. It seems that Jump’n Jive re-enthuses those in their fifties, and inspires the new generation into, realizing that “ swing” and a visually attractive show is the only way to make an ‘event’ of a concert.

In 1988 Dutch double bass player Leo van de Giessen gathered together the cream of the local jazz scene to start up a fresh new band in the idiom of the days when teenagers in Harlem swaggered in their snazzy and wide ‘zoot’ suits, greeting each other with: ‘What’s the deal, McNeal!’ and snapping fingers while listening to Cab Calloway, count Basie and Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five. The days of dancing the Lindy Hop; the most acrobatic dance of the twentieth century.

Are you hep to the jive?

Jump’n Jive takes us back to the fascinating musical world of the turbulent fifties, the exciting sound of early Rhythm and Blues. One of the attractions of Jump’n Jive is the vocal-section, modeled on The Andrews Sisters (‘Drinkin’ Rum and Coca Cola’) During all their appearances, at major Jazz Festivals as well as during club performances, Jump’n Jive gets the audience on their feet! To quote the words of good old Cab Calloway:

‘Man, this Jim Jam Jumpin’ Jive makes you nine feet tall when you’re four feet five!’

Highlights for the band: invitations from The Everly Brothers, Ray Charles  to be his support act in 1989 and 1990, Fats Domino’s in 1991 and requests to give concerts all over Europe.